Where innovation in
Oral Healthcare begins

DENTAID Research Center is a leading Oral Health research center, where science, experience and knowledge converge to become real solutions to meet the most current needs of today's society.

Thanks to DENTAID Research Center, the company's backbone, we have managed to conduct rigorous research projects year after year, placing us at the forefront in product development and innovation.


Since science is one of the strategic pillars of DENTAID, we have a highly qualified staff that allows us to constantly promote rigorous research in order to get ahead of Oral Health problems and adapt to new circumstances.

personal altamente cualificado


All this activity is supported by advanced facilities including our Microbiology Laboratory and our Formulations Laboratory.

• Microbiology Laboratory

Centre for the development of microbiological analysis and control techniques to which we subject all of our products in order to ensure and certify their action against oral microbiota.

Laboratorio de Microbiología

• Formulations Laboratory

Focuses on development of new products, delivery of new active substances, stability and compatibility studies of the various components and pilot manufacturing.

Laboratorio de Desarrollo de formas Galénicas


These spaces offer next-generation technologies, for not only are we committed to research, but also to the continued implementation of new technologies to drive development. As a result, we can guarantee strict research processes at all times that enable us to continuously pursue new pioneering discoveries in Oral Health.

• Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

The technology currently offered by confocal microscopy greatly facilitates research on oral biofilm, both during and after its growth. We are currently able to study the three-dimensional architecture of microbial biofilms and to evaluate the effectiveness of mouthwashes on these bacterial structures. Similarly, with specific markings, this microscope allows us to study the composition of the extracellular matrix secreted by oral pathogens, the main physical barrier for antiseptics and antimicrobials.

We use this technology under in vitro conditions to assess the efficacy of all of our mouthwashes.

Microscopio Óptico de Láser Confocal

• Artificial Mouth

This in vitro biofilm-forming model with oral bacteria is a true revolution for microbiological analysis and control. It is an initiative that ensures superior quality scientific results.

La Boca Artificial


This reality is what makes our continued scientific contributions possible. New ideas that are highly recognised among the scientific community and which make us a leading research company. We have multiple lines of research that are being included in the programmes of major international conferences and scientific events.



Over the years, we have strived to create and establish quality standards through continuous and rigorous scientific contributions. All of this has been made possible by the multiple studies promoted by the company itself, and through collaborations with various renowned institutions. This scientific evidence is disclosed at industry meetings and in prestigious publications.

We also collaborate with various scientific dental associations, while working closely with Oral Health professionals.


We are also Gold Sponsors of the EFP, Partners of the EFP and Platinum Sponsors of SEPA.

COLLABORATION WITH UNIVERSITIES: Our research team establishes close collaborative ties with prestigious Spanish and international universities, with which we conduct multiple research studies and new product testing. This helps us to obtain relevant information that enriches our research and ensures the quality of all of our products. In the R&D&I Department, we also carry out scientific contributions in the university setting, by participating in presentations and lectures.



DENTAID participates each year in the most important international scientific meetings, fairs and events, including:

Europerio: The world’s leading periodontology meeting.

International Dental Show: International trade fair that promotes the encounter between Oral Health professionals, dental companies and the dental industry for research and development.

SEPA Annual Meeting (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration): SEPA annual meeting with periodontology professionals.

Fórum Dental del Mediterráneo: Professional meeting point and Oral Health product exhibition.

Expodental: International exhibition of dental equipment, products and services.

These initiatives are of great interest for fostering valuable communication between professionals, while confirming our status as Oral Health experts. This situation is further enhanced by organising, together with SEPA, (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration), the scientific event that boasts the highest number of dental hygienists ever to attend a single event in Spain:

The SEPA-DENTAID Symposium: An event that gathered a large number of hygienists and highly prestigious speakers who presented the latest scientific advances in the treatment of diseases, syndromes and the most common situations to occur in the dental office. A highly educational event that was very greatly valued by the attending professionals.

We attend the most important international fairs in order to offer the latest product innovations to practitioners, while reinforcing our pioneering vocation.


In order to continually improve the Oral Health of the population at large, at DENTAID we continue to focus our efforts on improving our products to provide the most optimal treatments. At DENTAID, our R&D&I area is always working on product development.

Thanks to constant research, every year we continue to expand our product range with the development of new and ambitious solutions tailored to the most current needs of the population. This includes, for example, hydroxyapatite nanoparticle-based DENTAID technology nanorepair®.

This new formula fills and smoothes uneven surfaces of tooth enamel, providing whiter and brighter teeth. While sealing the dentinal tubules, thereby eliminating tooth sensitivity. This simply reflects the demanding nature of our company to remain at the forefront in the field of Oral Health.

DENTAID technology nanorepair®

Recently published studies are available on the professional area of our website.

Our effort today is tomorrow's success. This is our starting point: the basis of our innovation has taken, takes and will continue to take place in DENTAID Research Center. This is where innovation in Oral Health begins.

DENTAID technology hyaluronrepair, a clinically-proven technology based on the incorporation of Hyaluronic Acid, a component naturally present in the tissues of the oral mucosa. The inclusion of this component allows for the formation of a protective coat that promotes rapid regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

This innovative technology has been incorporated in DENTAID’s latest release: Perio·Aid Bioadhesive Gel formulated with 0.20% Chlorhexidine, 0.20% Hyaluronic Acid and 5% Panthenol. When combined, these active ingredients provide the following actions:

  • Antiseptic action.
  • Regenerative action.
  • Repairing / healing action.
  • Anti-inflammatory action.
  • Long-lasting bioadhesive action.
DENTAID technology nanorepair®