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Desensin® plus fluor toothpaste

125 ml
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  • Desensin® plus fluor toothpaste

Desensin® plus fluor is a daily use toothpaste with a progressive desensitising effect that also provides extra fluoride to prevent the formation of caries.

    • Desensitising effect

    Its Potassium nitrate-based formula inhibits the transmission of external stimuli to the nerve endings.

    • Anticaries effect

    Its high Fluoride content prevents caries formation and remineralises and protects tooth enamel.

    • Anti-inflammatory effect

    Provitamin B5, also in the formula, works by regenerating gums and exerting a healing and calming effect on damaged gums, while it prevents gingival recession and inflammation.

    • Protective effect

    Allantoin is the ingredient that protects the oral mucosa and acts as an anti-irritant. It also promotes the healing of lesions.

    • Antioxidant and anti-aging effect on gums

    Vitamin E has healing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Product distributed in Spain


    Potassium nitrate 5.00%
    Eliminates tooth pain.

    Sodium fluoride 0.55% (2.500 ppm de ión flúor)
    Prevents caries and remineralises enamel.

    Provitamin B5 1.00%
    Protects and revitalises gums.

    Allantoin 0.10%
    Regenerative properties of gingival tissue. 

    Vitamin E 0.30%
    Antioxidant and anti-aging.


    Indicated for situations that require a progressive desensitising effect with an extra supply of fluoride for caries prevention and enamel remineralisation.


    Brush teeth carefully 3 times per day or after every meal, for 2 minutes.


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