Why do we say that it’s more than a brush; it’s health?

Good oral health is associated with overall health(1), which is why good brushing is essential.

Also, a suitable brush is key to removing plaque (the main cause of oral diseases) without damaging your gums.

1. “EB150/711 January 2022. OMS. Draft Global Strategy in Oral Strategy – World Health Organisation Executive Board”

Do you know if you brush your teeth well? Follow these steps!

  • Brush your teeth 3 times a day, ideally after every meal
  • Use the following brushing technique:

Not all brushes are alike: get the perfect brush for you!

Choose a good quality brush

A bad choice can cause complications such as bleeding gums or enamel wear. All VITIS ® toothbrushes have high quality, rounded Tynex® filaments which make them effective against plaque and, at the same time, filaments gentle on your.

It should to adapt to your mouth and what you need

VITIS® is an expert in brush heads, which is why it offers the most complete range of brushes, designed for every need and mouth. Choose according to your needs or choose the texture that best suits the pressure you expert when brushing.

Why choose VITIS?

For its COMPLETE range and for its QUALITY. Vitis, perfectly designed to be effective against plaque (biofilm) and caries, while gentle on teeth and gums. 7 reasons for quality.

Remember, it is essential to replace it every 3 months
You can find the VITIS toothbrush range in the best pharmacies and drugstores