VITIS® waxed dental tape

VITIS® waxed dental tape

VITIS® waxed dental tape reduces oral biofilm (dental plaque) preventing the onset of caries and reddened gums.

The broader sweeping surface of VITIS® Waxed Dental Tape gently drags interdental biofilm out. The microwaxes contained in the tape, with a flat, thin profile, makes it easier to slide through the tightest spaces, preventing harm to soft tissues.

Daily use eliminates interdental plaque. Ideal for creating good flossing habits.

VITIS® waxed dental tape is indicated for the daily oral hygiene of users who seek in-depth cleaning.

  • Firmly hold a 40-50 cm piece of VITIS® waxed dental tape between your index and middle fingers of each hand, leaving about 2-3 cm free in between.
  • Insert the dental tape between your teeth with a gentle sawing motion.
  • When the tape reaches the edge of the gums, arch it like a bow against one of the teeth and slide it gently through the space between the gum and the tooth until you feel resistance (never force it).
  • Repeat the operation between all the teeth using a clean piece of tape for each space.



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