dentaid xeros® Spray

dentaid xeros® Spray

dentaid xeros® Spray stimulates natural saliva production and improves the moisture level in the oral cavity. The practical and handy spray can be used at anytime, anywhere.

Dentaid xeros® Spray keeps the mouth pleasantly moist over a long period of time. The active ingredients - malic acid and xylitol – stimulate natural saliva production and moisten the oral cavity. In addition, the complete formulation prevents bad breath and contributes to the remineralisation of tooth enamel.

dentaid xeros® Spray has an appealing apple flavour and leaves a pleasant, fresh feeling in the mouth.

Malic acid
Sodium fluoride 226 ppm (0.05%)

For people prone to dry mouth and/or insufficient saliva and whose salivary glands are still fully or partially active. They are more likely to suffer from the formation of bacterial deposits, tooth decay and bad breath and may have difficulties with ordinary activities such as speaking, eating and swallowing.

As required - in particular after meals - 3-4 sprays into the mouth.

For the best results of dentaid xeros® Spray, it is recommended to moisten the oral cavity with Dentaid® xeros Toothpaste and Mouthwash first.



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