dentaid xeros® toothpaste

dentaid xeros® toothpaste

dentaid xeros® toothpaste is ideal for the daily oral hygiene of people who are suffering from dry mouth, as it ensures maximum moistening.

dentaid xeros® toothpaste contains the substances that are required for the daily care of a dry mouth. It’s betaine-, xylitol-, allantoin- and sodium fluoride- based formulation alleviates the feeling of dry mouth, prevents bad breath and remineralises tooth enamel.



Sodium fluoride 1,450 ppm (33%)


For people with dry mouth and/or reduced salivation, who are more susceptible to bacteria, tooth decay and bad breath, and who may have difficulties with everyday activities such as talking, eating, and swallowing.

Gluten-free, suitable for people with coeliac disease. Non-irritating.

Place a small amount of dentaid xeros® toothpaste on a toothbrush. Brush teeth three times a day, particularly after meals, with circular strokes, moving from the gum toward the tooth.



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