HALITA® tongue cleaner

HALITA® tongue cleaner

HALITA® tongue cleaner makes daily tongue cleaning easy.

The greatest amount of bacteria in the mouth builds up on the tongue, which is why daily removal of the layer of bacteria and food debris that accumulates there is very important. This prevents the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria that produce malodorous gases (VSCs).

The HALITA® tongue cleaner features two edges, one wave-shaped designed to adapt to the central depression of the tongue, and the other, which is flat, designed to clean the sides.

For daily use to ensure proper oral hygiene.

Clean the centre of the tongue using the wave-shaped edge of the tongue cleaner.

  • Hold the tongue cleaner by the handle so the wave-shaped edge faces down.
  • Stick your tongue out and place the tongue cleaner as far back as possible.
  • Draw the tongue cleaner forward over the centre of the tongue.
  • Rinse the tongue cleaner with water.

Clean the sides of the tongue using the flat edge of the tongue cleaner. Rinse off the cleaner after each sweep.

When finished, rinse mouth thoroughly with water.



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