VITIS® baby gel ointment

VITIS® baby gel ointment

VITIS® Baby neutral flavoured gel ointment for gums, relieves the discomfort associated with tooth eruption, while protecting and caring for the gums and providing a refreshing sensation.

For babies to develop healthy teeth, it is essential to start and maintain proper oral hygiene from an early age, even before the first teeth are visible. Tooth eruption can be a painful process which the baby often manifests with symptoms such as swollen gums, irritability, restlessness or a tendency to insert objects into the mouth, among others.

VITIS® Baby gel ointment is a specific product aimed at helping alleviate symptoms during the teething process. Also, thanks to its bioadhesive nature, active ingredients are retained for longer periods in the mouth, ensuring a longer-lasting action.

VITIS® Baby gel ointment for gums has a neutral flavour, so it is accepted by babies.

Chamomile extract
Calming action. Protects and cares for the gums.

Panthenol (provitamin B5)
Protects and reinforces the gums.

Protects the oral mucosa.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate and xylitol
Provide freshness and soothe the discomfort caused by tooth eruption.

Does not contain any of the following substances: dairy products, gluten, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). It is suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease and those who are lactose intolerant.

VITIS® Baby gel ointment for gums is indicated to alleviate discomfort caused during the eruption of baby’s first teeth and to protect baby’s delicate gums.

Apply a small amount of VITIS® Baby gel ointment for gums (size of a pea) on a silicone finger cot adapted to baby’s delicate gums, on the tip of your clean finger or on a piece of gauze, and softly massage baby’s reddened gums.

Can be used on demand, as needed, up to a maximum of 6 times per day.

Can be used before meals and before putting baby down for the night to aid feeding or sleep.
For topical use.



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