VITIS® gingival toothbrush

VITIS® gingival toothbrush

VITIS® gingival is a toothbrush designed to care for delicate or inflamed gums.

Available in the following colors:

VITIS® gingival is a daily-use, small headed toothbrush with soft filaments, arranged in a flat brushing surface, that massage and stimulate delicate gums to ease recovery. Its use does not cause wear on restorations—fillings, veneers, etc.—and also prevents hypersensitivity caused by the tooth neck exposure, i.e. receding gums.

The neck of the VITIS® gingival toothbrush is pliable, so that it can be bent to the position that best suits your mouth, facilitating brushing access. The handle is anatomical, with a non-slip grip for convenience and comfort while brushing.

In addition, it has a protective cap that keeps the filaments from spreading and maintains peak hygienic conditions.

VITIS® gingival is indicated for the daily oral hygiene of people with delicate gums or signs of inflammation. In addition, it is suitable for preventing tooth sensitivity caused by receding gums.

Brush teeth three times a day or after each meal, with circular strokes, moving from the gum toward the tooth.



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