VITIS® monotip toothbrush

VITIS® monotip toothbrush

The VITIS® monotip is a special round-headed toothbrush designed to facilitate the cleaning of crowded teeth, fixed bridges, and orthodontic appliances.

The VITIS® monotip toothbrush features a rounded head and medium strength filaments that efficiently remove biofilm—bacterial plaque—from crowded teeth, wide interdental gaps or in spaces resulting from tooth extractions. Its special characteristics favour oral hygiene in users with prostheses—either fixed or removable—or with implants and may in addition be used as a complement for cleaning orthodontic appliances.

The neck of the VITIS® monotip toothbrush is flexible so it can be bent to the position that best suits your mouth, thus favouring brushing accessibility. The handle is anatomical, with a non-slip grip to make brushing easy and comfortable.

In addition, its head has a protective cap that keeps the filaments grouped together and in optimal hygienic conditions.

The VITIS® monotip toothbrush is indicated for the daily oral hygiene of users with crowded teeth, wide interdental gaps, or spaces resulting from tooth extraction.

It is also indicated for wearers of implants, fixed or removable prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

Brush teeth three times a day or after every meal, with circular movements from the gum to the tooth.



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