VITIS® orthodontic tablets

VITIS® orthodontic tablets

VITIS® orthodontic tablets are an effervescent solution that safely and effectively cleanses removable orthodontic appliances.

VITIS® orthodontic cleansing tablets provide a fresh, clean sensation throughout the day, as they eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and that make up oral biofilm, as well as removing stains from tea, coffee and tobacco.

The tablets thus ensure good oral health, and they do not damage the metal parts of the orthodontic appliance. Individual packaging guarantees the ideal preservation of the cleansing tablets, preventing them from getting damp and spoiling their effervescence.

VITIS® orthodontic is indicated for wearers of removable orthodontic appliances.

Drop an effervescent cleansing tablet into a container holding with enough water to cover the removable orthodontic appliance. Soak the appliance in the solution for at least 15 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with water. For deep cleaning, it is recommendable to use one effervescent cleansing tablet 1 time per day.



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