VITIS® orthodontic wax

VITIS® orthodontic wax

VITIS® orthodontic wax acts as a protective layer to prevent irritation and chafing caused by orthodontic appliances, and in addition relieves pain.

VITIS® orthodontic wax is applied to the various orthodontic appliances that protrude from the teeth—brackets, arch wires or metal bands—and may therefore cause chafing by rubbing against the tongue or the inner cheeks. The wax acts by forming a thin protective layer that prevents the chafing from occurring.


VITIS® orthodontic wax is suitable for all orthodontics wearers. Use is recommended during the first few days after placement of the orthodontic appliance and after the successive adjustments.

It is also useful where parts of the orthodontic appliance are damaged, before going to the dentist. It can also be used whenever there is discomfort during orthodontic treatment.

Spread the wax over the orthodontic parts causing discomfort to form a thin protective layer.

  1. Cut a piece of wax that is large enough to cover the surface of the bracket or wire.
  2. Soften the wax by rolling it between your fingers for a few seconds.
  3. Dry the area to be covered before applying the wax.
  4. Place the wax on the bracket or wire and press slightly so that it sticks.



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