VITIS® sonic S20 electric toothbrush

VITIS® sonic S20 electric toothbrush

VITIS® sonic is an innovative range of dual-action electric toothbrushes with sonic technology for maximum efficiency in the removal of oral biofilm, while gentle on teeth and gums.

VITIS® sonic dual-action sonic technology:

  1. Mechanical action: The filaments vibrate at a high frequency (sonic vibration) on the surface of the tooth, achieving efficient removal of the oral biofilm (bacterial plaque).
  2. Hydrodynamic action: The sonic vibration generates small acoustic waves that are transmitted through the saliva throughout the mouth, disrupting the biofilm and preventing adhesion, even beyond the reach of the filaments. This action achieves greater disruption of the oral biofilm, accessing difficult-to-reach areas such as the gingival margin and interproximal areas.

In addition, VITIS® sonic electric toothbrushes have uniquely designed heads that maximise the benefits of brushing, providing greater precision in the removal of biofilm, reaching places that are difficult to access, such as the interdental spaces and the gingival margin, while gentle on teeth and gums. The high quality Tynex® filaments have uniquely distributed, rounded, textured tips, and come with a protective cap.

VITIS® sonic toothbrushes improve interproximal hygiene thanks to their dual-action sonic technology and exclusive head design. They also help improve brushing technique while always gentle on teeth and gums and aid in the compliance with brushing time thanks to their quadrant timer.

Also, the VITIS® sonic S20 toothbrush has 3 brushing modes for users to choose, depending on their preferences or needs:

  • Normal: 31,000 movements per minute, providing maximum efficiency in the removal of oral biofilm for proper daily hygiene, while gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Precision: 40,000 movements per minute. With the greater frequency, the path of the filaments is smaller, offering greater precision and maximum efficiency in the removal of oral biofilm, achieving more in-depth brushing in a more targeted area.
  • Massage: a combination of different speeds (between 31,000 and 40,000 mov/min).

Its design by dental professionals is functional and modern, with an ergonomic handle with non-slip grooves for a comfortable grip. Plus, its charging base is small and stable and provides a long-lasting battery charge.

Comes with two VITIS® sonic medium heads

Users demanding of their daily oral hygiene

Users with specific needs:

  • Gum problems
  • Dental implant wearers
  • Braces wearers
  • Users with a deficient brushing technique
  • Users with limited manual dexterity

Brush teeth three times a day or after every meal, with sweeping movements from the gum to the tooth.



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