Interprox® is the widest range of interproximal brushes developed by oral health professionals for complete removal of oral biofilm from interdental spaces.

The quality of the brushes is backed by ISO Standard 16409, guaranteeing their durability. The Interprox® product line is made with high quality Tynex® filaments. These are twisted around a wire coated with a plastic insulating material which protects gums and prevents sensitivity caused by galvanism.

Interprox® adapts to all spaces and is designed with cylindrical and conical heads. The cylindrical heads are recommended for interdental cleaning in the anterior area, while the conical ones are recommended for interdental cleaning between molars and premolars.

The range is divided into three brush types, depending on the shape of the head and on other technical features: Interprox®, Interprox® Plus and Interprox® Access. All can be used for cleaning interproximal spaces in any area of the oral cavity, but to make cleaning easier, Interprox® Plus is recommended for the backmost area (its tilted head facilitates access), Interprox® for anterior interproximal spaces (its protective cap fits onto the handle making it easier to reach posterior areas, as its body is flexible and free of memory effect) and Interprox® Access for the molar area (the tilt of its head and the length of its handle allow the brush to access to the backmost parts of the oral cavity).

The brushes also come with a protective cap to keep filaments clean after use and to facilitate portability.

Interprox® Gel completes the Interprox® range. Its composition and its specific properties allow it to quickly penetrate interproximal spaces to prevent gingival inflammation and the formation of caries. It also reduces gingival bleeding.


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