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One goal motivates us: to improve the Oral Health of all people

One goal motivates us: to improve the Oral Health of all people

Dentaid is a revolutionary research enterprise, committed to improving Oral Health around the globe. This conviction has been key to our becoming a world-wide reference in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the oral and dental conditions that concern people.

VÍDEO: DENTAID, The Oral Health Experts
DENTAID: Purpose


We improve people's Oral Health by offering cutting-edge solutions – We work day in, day out with the support of professionals to get close up to the real problems people face and to meet their most demanding oral needs.



Our strong stake in Science and relentless Innovation brings Oral Health to people with the support of dentists, dental hygienists, pharmacists, universities and the scientific community alike.



We aspire to continue advancing with a focus on the future without losing sight of our beginnings. Because that is where our essence lies - in the values that forge our character and that are reflected in all the actions we carry out.


Because, through research and development, we transform Science into new Oral Healthcare solutions.

High Standards

Because improvement can only been reached through rigour and perseverance. And improvement gives rise to the quality our people deserve.


Because we struggle daily to achieve an improvement in oral health, through professional training and support.


Because only by cooperating will we overcome our challenges. Therefore, we take social awareness in each of our actions and take care of the environment.

In line with our firm commitment to bring Oral Health to people, in recent years we have expanded and strengthened our presence in more than 70 countries. This global approach has allowed us to take a leap forward in quality as a company, and to become a reference worldwide - a clear strategic orientation that will set the course to follow in the future. Global commitment

International subsidiaries

  • DENTAID Valencia
    Benimaclet, 39
    Phone: 961 863 200
  • DENTAID Madrid
    La Coruña, 22
    28020 MADRID
    Phone: 915 709 504
  • DENTAID Oviedo
    Aurora de Albornoz, 19
    33012 OVIEDO
    Phone: 985 278 070
  • DENTAID Barcelona
    C/ Castanyer, 25
    08022 BARCELONA
    Phone: 932 805 840
  • DENTAID Sevilla
    Comercio, 2 (P.I.S.A.)
    Phone: 954 181 471

International distributors



Asia and Middle East



The involvement of our company with society translates into an effort to guarantee the wellbeing of all people, as well as to care for the environment. Therefore, we are committed to promoting the importance of Oral Healthcare and to encouraging its dissemination among dentists, hygienists and pharmacists. In addition, we carry out solidarity actions in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, with the aim of raising awareness about the need to follow proper oral hygiene as a prevention of many diseases.

DENTAID on content dissemination

The oral health blog and Blog Cuida tu Boca (Oral Care)

Two informative weblogs that periodically offer information on Oral Health.

DENTAID: informative weblogs
VITIS Hygienists is a portal for dental hygienists

Continuing professional education for hygienists, online courses, resources and more.

higienista dental
The Dental Corner

Team of professionals that we put at the service of Spanish pharmacies to resolve doubts and promote Oral Health among the population.

DENTAID: Dental corner
Me duelen los dientes (MyTeethHurt)

A website about dental sensitivity driven by our brand Desensin®.

MyTeethHurt weblog

The Dentaid YouTube channel that provides educational material and tips for achieving good Oral Health.

DENTAID en Youtube

A weblog that aims to become a point of reference for all those concerned about bad breath.

DENTAID: halitosis

The first digital platform covering the field of periodontology, created for disseminating and sharing science and knowledge with all oral healthcare professionals.

- Online magazines - DENTAID Expertise and DENTAID Oral Health

Specialised content for dental practitioners and pharmacy professionals.

revistas online DENTAID
Igienisti DENTAID is the website for dental hygienists in Italy

Ongoing professional training for hygienists, with resources for their daily work, on-line courses, events agenda and more.

Igienisti DENTAID

DENTAID in action

More responsible packaging, better world

This is a new initiative stemming from our commitment to the environment. Our goal is to optimise VITIS® mouthwash packaging, by cutting it down to one single container with a QR code for consulting all product information.

Optimised amount of material used.
Bottle made to be discarded directly in the plastics recycling bin.
Reduction of pollutants, saving on raw materials and energy.

Gluten-free products

We offer a wide range of solutions for people with coeliac disease, thanks to the gluten-free formulation of our products.

Commitment to the environment

We rationalise energy consumption during the production process and include all the safety mechanisms necessary to comply with current regulations in terms of protection and respect for the environment.


DENTAID is firmly committed to Science and Continuous Innovation to bring oral health to all people. To achieve the proposed goals, a Quality Management System has been developed that adds value to the organisation. DENTAID has a Quality Policy, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, as well as the Certificate of Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetic Products.

DENTAID with organisations

DENTAID with organisations

At DENTAID, we focus our more social work on helping anyone who can, enjoy full oral health. For this reason, we offer basic Oral Health materials (toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) to different associations that carry out humanitarian aid projects for groups at risk of social exclusion, as well as in developing countries.


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