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Our team of highly qualified professionals works day after day to bring oral health to people, a goal that has evolved thanks to the passion and dedication of every single one of us. With the value and talent that each of those who forms part of DENTAID offers, we are able to constantly improve in science, while maintaining rigour and high standards, and therefore anticipate health problems to offer the best solutions.

We know that the key to continue developing new and ambitious solutions in oral health is to pull together and enhance the talent of professionals like you, with great enthusiasm and commitment and an innovative spirit.

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International subsidiaries

  • DENTAID Valencia
    Benimaclet, 39
    Phone: 961 863 200
  • DENTAID Madrid
    La Coruña, 22
    28020 MADRID
    Phone: 915 709 504
  • DENTAID Oviedo
    Aurora de Albornoz, 19
    33012 OVIEDO
    Phone: 985 278 070
  • DENTAID Barcelona
    C/ Castanyer, 25
    08022 BARCELONA
    Phone: 932 805 840
  • DENTAID Sevilla
    Comercio, 2 (P.I.S.A.)
    Phone: 954 181 471

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