Interprox® Plus mini conical

Interprox® Plus mini conical

Interprox® Plus mini conical is designed to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) that has built up in 1.0 mm* interproximal spaces, specifically between the premolars and molars.

Its angled head facilitates access to interdental spaces in the area around the premolars and molars. This specific design allows perpendicular entry, avoiding damage to the gums. The size of the head guarantees in-depth cleaning of interdental spaces of at least 1.0 mm (PHD=1.0)*.

The innovative manufacture with high-quality Tynex® filaments offers greater care of the gums, as its dual-colour design allows white filaments to reveal bleeding points and the black ones to reveal the presence of interdental biofilm. The stainless-steel wire is coated with Polyurethane—a plastic material—to better protect the mucosa, the teeth and implants. The brush also has a protective cap, so it can conveniently be used away from home.

Interprox® Plus mini conical cleans the interproximal spaces effectively and helps prevent dental caries and periodontal disease.

Interprox® Plus mini conical is manufactured following the recommendations of ISO 16409, the international interdental brush standard.

*PHD: Passage Hole Diameter (size of the smallest interdental space into which the interproximal brush can be inserted).

Interprox® Plus mini conical is indicated for the daily hygiene of 1.0 mm* interproximal spaces. It is also indicated for use in diastemata, and for wearers of orthodontics, implants and fixed prostheses.

Insert the brush ensuring it moves freely so it is the filaments and not the wire that are in contact with the teeth. Move the brush in and out, without twisting it.

If the wire rubs against the gums or if it kinks, use a brush with a lower PHD.


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