VITIS® waxed dental floss

VITIS® waxed dental floss

VITIS® waxed dental floss easily penetrates interdental spaces to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and prevent caries.

VITIS® waxed dental floss effectively reduces oral biofilm build-up between teeth and under the gum line, preventing the onset of caries.

The microwaxes it contains ensure smooth gliding through tight spaces, eliminating the risk of damage to soft tissues.

VITIS® waxed dental floss is indicated for the daily oral hygiene of people who want to get into the habit of using dental floss before or after brushing.

  • Firmly hold a piece of about 40-50 cm VITIS® waxed dental floss between your index and middle fingers of each hand, leaving about 2-3 cm free in the middle.
  • Insert the dental floss between teeth with a gentle sawing motion.
  • When the floss reaches the edge of the gums, curve it against one of the teeth and gently slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth until you can feel some resistance (should never be applied forcefully).
  • Repeat these steps for all teeth using a clean piece of floss for each.



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