Interprox® Care of interproximal spaces

Interprox® is the widest range of interproximal brushes developed by oral health professionals to complete the removal of oral biofilm in the spaces between the teeth.

The Interprox® range is made with high quality Tynex® filaments. These are braided around a wire covered with insulating plastic material preventing sensitivity from allergy to metal, while protecting gums and implants.

Interprox® adapts to all spaces. The design includes cylindrical and conical heads. The former are recommended for the frontal area and the latter are more suitable for cleaning spaces between molars and premolars.

Depending to the shape of the head, handle and other technical characteristics, the range is divided into three types of brushes: Interprox®, Interprox® Plus and Interprox® Access. All of them can be used to clean the interproximal spaces in any area of the mouth, but for ease of use, Interprox® Plus is recommended for the rear of the mouth - its tilted head allows convenient access there; Interprox® is specially designed for the front interproximal spaces - its neck and flexible, non-memory handle, along with its protective cap, which can be attached to the handle, facilitate access to the backmost areas; and Interprox® Access for the molars - the tilted head facilitates access and the length of its handle helps reach the rearmost parts of the mouth.

In addition, all brushes include a protective cap to ensure they can be kept clean after use and make them convenient to carry about.

The Interprox® range is completed with Interprox® Gel. Its careful composition and its specific properties allow it to quickly penetrate interproximal spaces, helping to prevent cavities and reddened gums.


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