VITIS® implant angular brush

VITIS® implant angular brush

The VITIS® implant angular brush features a special design that allows efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas around implants and prostheses.

Available in the following colors:

The VITIS® implant angular brush features a small head designed for hygiene around complex areas around implants and prostheses. The neck of the handle is narrow and angled to provide easy access to the inner (lingual) sides of the anterior and posterior parts of the mouth. In addition, the brush adapts anatomically to the line of the teeth, while also giving access to the external (buccal) sides.

The filaments are soft and guarantee removal of oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and the protection of the oral cavity. The handle is anatomical, with a non-slip grip for convenient use.

Thanks to the angular form of the neck of the handle, the VITIS® implant angular brush is especially indicated to guarantee proper hygiene in difficult-to-reach areas, particularly around implants and prostheses.

Brush teeth three times a day and after every meal, with circular movements from the gum to the tooth.



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