VITIS® orthodontic toothbrush

VITIS® orthodontic toothbrush

VITIS® orthodontic toothbrush is specifically designed to remove oral biofilm that builds up on and around orthodontic appliances.

Available in the following colors:

VITIS® orthodontic is a toothbrush for daily use, with a regular-sized head and soft and medium strength filaments. Its main feature is that the filament arrangement is V-shaped, which provides a double cleaning effect. The central medium strength filaments are for brushing brackets and the lateral soft filaments are for brushing teeth.

The toothbrush has a flexible neck which can be bent to the position that best suits your mouth. The handle is anatomical with a non-slip grip.

It has a protective cap to keep the filaments from spreading and maintain peak hygienic conditions.

VITIS® orthodontic is indicated for adults with orthodontic appliances such as metal molar bands, arch wires, brackets, springs, ligatures, etc.

Brush teeth three times a day or after each meal, with circular strokes, moving from the gum toward the tooth.



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