VITIS® sonic S10/S20 medium head

VITIS® sonic S10/S20 medium head

The VITIS® sonic S10 and S20 heads feature an optimised design: small or access sizes, with rounded ends to facilitate cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

Available in the following colors:

The filaments are made of high quality, end-rounded Tynex® that allows effective brushing while gentle on teeth and gums.

The heads feature a flat profile and an exclusive filament distribution, with a monotip attack zone to disrupt the most resistant dental biofilm.

In addition, they come with a protective cap to protect the filaments from contact with foreign matter thus preventing contamination, and holes to allow air to pass through, easing quick drying.

The head features medium strength filaments that offer maximum removal of bacterial plaque during anyone’s daily oral hygiene while gentle on teeth and gums.



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