VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush

VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush

The VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush features extra-soft filaments especially designed for postoperative oral hygiene.

Available in the following colors:

The VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush features extra-soft filaments with a straight profile for proper oral hygiene after surgery. Its soft filaments effectively remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) while gentle on the surgical area.

The neck of the VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush is flexible, so it can be bent to the position that best suits your mouth, thus favouring brushing accessibility. The handle is anatomical, with a non-slip grip to make brushing easy and comfortable.

In addition, its head has a protective cap that keeps the filaments grouped together and in optimal hygienic conditions.

The VITIS® ultrasoft toothbrush is indicated in patients in late post-surgical periods, after using the VITIS® surgical toothbrush, approximately 2 weeks after the operation.

It is additionally recommended in those with extremely sensitive teeth and gums or with severe periodontal disease.

Brush teeth three times a day or after every meal, with circular movements from the gum to the tooth.



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