VITIS® Because the difference is in your mouth

VITIS® is the broadest and most specialised range of toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss/tapes. An oral hygiene brand that offers unique and specific care for every individual.

Thanks to the efforts made in the research and development of new products and formulations, it is the oral health brand that allows you to choose, at any time, the product that best suits each of your needs, offering high quality tools that ensure good oral hygiene.

VITIS® offers a wide selection of products whose features are ideal for carrying out in-depth cleaning of the mouth and eliminating oral biofilm (dental plaque). Therefore, its toothbrushes, mouthwashes, pastes, dental floss and tapes are specifically designed to fight tooth decay.

Through the innovative DENTAID technology haprepair, VITIS® boasts exclusive formulations that are based on active hydroxyapatite - an element that is naturally present in teeth - with enamel whitening, polishing and repair actions as well as tooth decay prevention.

VITIS®, developed to suit all mouth types, also has a wide range of products suitable for people with gum problems. And in addition, it offers two lines, one tailored to braces wearers, and the other, to implant patients. Both include specific products that ensure proper hygiene in the most difficult to access areas where biofilm, or bacterial plaque, accumulates more easily.

The VITIS® family is made complete with a children’s brush and toothpaste specially developed to adapt to the anatomy and needs of our little ones.
Because no two mouths are alike. The VITIS® range has been designed to suit each and every one of them.

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